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Kawhi Leonard made a joke

Well, we’ve been saying all year that San Antonio’s superstar is still growing.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs-Media Day Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

For just about any player in the NBA, this would be a non-story, but Kawhi Leonard isn’t any player. At media availability at the Spurs practice facility, Leonard used his catchphrase to answer a question.

One of the hallmarks of the San Antonio organization is continual development. So, when an advertising agency gifts you with a catchphrase, then you’re set up for a moment like this. Now that Leonard has taken his first step toward bantering with the press, it’s expected that he’ll continue to work on his media game. The next progression will be when he extemporaneously shares a witticism of his own. Vegas has set the over/under for that happening as October 30, 2019.