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Must be the January doldrums

It’s cool, cloudy, and there’s not an awful lot of Spurs coverage out there.

Are there any potential changes that can make the Spurs even better?

David Kenyon of Bleacher Report took a look at possible trades the Spurs could (but probably won’t) consider as the trade deadline draws relatively near. The options are limited considering the Spurs are mostly made up of rookie-scale players and well-paid veterans, and the few role players with very trade-able contracts and skill sets (Patty Mills, Danny Green, etc) are probably players the Spurs would rather hang on to. Also, considering how well this team is coming together a trade probably isn’t necessary, but it still never hurts to see what’s out there.

Is Bryn Forbes part of the Spurs future?

The Spurs have already waived Nico Lapravittola to open up a roster spot, and Bryn Forbes is another player whose contract becomes guaranteed on January 10. While he may have initially seemed like a more likely candidate to be waived than Nico, they might be interested in keeping the sharp-shooter as a long-term project. To wit, Paul Garcia of Project Spurs points out that Pop has him specifically working on becoming more of a point guard than shooting guard.

Tuesday’s game against the Raptors had it all.

A healthy, re-energized Kawhi Leonard seeking revenge for his (understandable) let-down game in Atlanta? Check. (Note to the rest of the league: you don’t want to face Kawhi after he has a substandard game.) LaMarcus Aldrdige continuing his torrid shooting of late and giving us hope after a sluggish stretch of play? Check. The Spurs recording their most blocks since the season-opener in 2003? Check. Jeff McDonald of SAEN has you covered.

Best NBA Trios of all time ranks the top 5 NBA trios of all time. Of course the winning-est of all time (i.e. Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili) are included, but are the they number 1? You’ll just have to read it and find out!

Reality Check

When J.R. Wilco asked if I could do a links article today, my first question was if he had any suggestions, and for the first time he did not. While I was able to dig up some local stuff, it hit me that we must have officially hit the annual Spurs mid-season coverage rut. You know, that time of year where the Spurs become forgotten in no small part thanks to a heavily front and back-loaded schedule? Yeah, we’re officially there (I included an NBA Trio rankings, for gosh sake!), with only about four games against truly interesting teams that even stand the possibly of drawing the media’s attention until March.

It’s times like this when we should be thankful for sites like PtR and people like Mr. Wilco for keeping us sane with daily Spurs coverage and a place to hang out with fellow fans while we’re stuck in the boring winter doldrums of the regular season (or summer, for some of our fellow fans from down south). So to J.R. and all the writers, contributors, and fans who stick around Pounding the Rock all season, here’s to you: