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San Antonio vs. Toronto, Final Score: Spurs obliterate Raptors, 110-82

This one might as well have been decided on Sunday evening when the Spurs couldn’t get past the Hawks.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

This one wasn't close, ever. The Spurs got hot early, played good defense on the Raptors, and eventually scored like Toronto wasn’t even on the court with them.

The Spurs took out their frustrations from Sunday’s loss on the visiting Raptors, and the East’s second seed had no answers. Not for Kawhi Leonard (who shot 8-12 from the field for 25 points) and not for LaMarcus Aldridge (who hit 11-16 for 23 points).

Through three quarters, the numbers were impressive: SA was up by thirty, 88-58, and led in assists, 25-5. It only got worse from there. To show you how much of a laugher this was, Davis Bertans and Dejounte Murray got eight minutes each in extended garbage time.

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Next up is Thursday’s game in Denver against the Nuggets.