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Full strength or not, the Spurs keep rolling

Winners of 8 of their last 10, and tied for the league’s longest current winning streak, San Antonio is doing alright.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Brooklyn Nets Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Rest Tony Parker, win in Cleveland. Rest Kawhi Leonard too, win in Toronto. The Spurs currently sport a .800 winning percentage, and that’s good enough that there are only two teams in the league who can say that.

So things are going reasonably well, but that doesn’t mean that my buddy Seth Warren is happy about everything. In last week’s mid-season podcast, we gave out grades to the starters, and Seth wants a do-over on LaMarcus Aldridge. So in episode 32 of the Superfluous Poppycock podcast, we discuss the potential do-over, rave about Dejounte Murray, hand out mid-season grades to the reserves, and discuss this week’s unnecessary foolishness.

You can listen via the player below, or download it here.