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The Spurs retired Matt Bonner’s “Jersey”

Here are today’s best Spurs news and articles.

2014 NBA Finals - Game Five

The Spurs honored Matt Bonner in a private ceremony

At this point, Matt Bonner is the only retired Spurs player to spend ten or more years with the franchise and not have his jersey retired. Whether or not No. 15 will eventually hang in the rafters of the AT&T Center remains to be seen (it would be no surprise either way), but for now the Mamba’s former team made sure he was remembered by retiring one of his flannel shirts in a private locker room ceremony after last night’s game. Never change, Spurs.

The Legacy of The Red Mamba

After Bonner announced his retirement from the NBA last week (and before it was announced that he would join the Spurs broadcast team), the staff over at BBallBreakdown discussed the legacy of Big Red (as they call him) from what he brought to the Spurs as a whole, to his funniest and most Bonnafide moments both on and off the court.

Top 30 players per position

Bleacher Report spent the last week breaking down the top 30 players in the league at each position so far this season. Click on a position to check out where several Spurs ranked: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.

More Power Rankings

Because everyone loves those when the Spurs are winning! Which is almost always, but PR’s are only good when the Spurs are ranked first. Otherwise they are pointless...oh, forget it. Tom Ziller over at SB Nation explains how the Spurs are yet again dominating while flying under the radar in this week’s power rankings, and Grant Hughes has you covered over at Bleacher Report.

Stat(s) of the Day

We all know that in the grand scheme of things, last night’s drubbing of a young, lottery-bound (but fun!) Lakers team was not indicative of much in terms of the Spurs’ quest for a sixth championship. Still, the Spurs achieved quite a few statistical highs in that game, several of which are only possible when the team is 100% focused and clicking on all cylinders. It’s too many to count, but ESPN has you covered on what all the Spurs accomplished last night to make an otherwise expected romping more memorable.

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