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GIF Breakdown: Spurs vs. Bucks

“You’ve got to guard them.” Coach Popovich said after the game. “If you don’t guard them, you’re in trouble and you’ve got to hope to score. So we scored decently. But like I said, down the stretch, you can make or miss a shot.”

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Lets take a look at some of the offensive plays by the Spurs Tuesday night.

A little into the game, Tony starts from the right side with David Lee acting as a screener. As Tony turns the corner, he sees Pau Gasol with his hands up and ready to receive the ball. Once Pau has the ball he goes to work in the low post and makes a superb left handed hook.

Now we move to the opening of the second quarter where we find Jonathan Simmons beginning on the left side. He dribbles right and passes to Davis Bertans who passes to Patty Mills. Then Patty passes the ball to Kawhi Leonard who wastes no time putting up and making a three.

Here we see Bertans driving and kicking to Pau who quickly passes to Simmons. Jonathan sets himself and fires a three from the corner. Simple and effective for a play that took only five seconds to execute.

With the Spurs leading by four in the third quarter, we find Gasol down low with Lee crossing in the key. Then Kawhi coming in with a roll dive, catching the pass and dunking to finish the play off. Notice how high Kawhi reaches during the play.

Now towards the end of the third, we catch up with Bertans in the corner heading for the basket as two defenders collapse so he passes to Simmons. Then Simmons passes to Patty. Patty drives and watch what Bertans does. He returns to the corner where Patty makes a great pass to Bertans for the wide open three. Here you have the Spurs new Three Amigos and the more they play together, the better they will become.

On to a really fun play to watch that starts with Patty driving and then passing to Simmons who quickly passes to Bertans. Because Bertans has been so active, he draws three defenders which leaves Dewayne Dedmon open for the Bertans ally oop finished off by the Dedmon slam.

We move to the fourth quarter and witness a disruptive knock away by Simmons that Tony picks up. Acting a little surprised by what just happened, he decides to take it all the way himself by splitting two defenders and finishing with a nice lay in.

Lets take a look at the last breakdown as Kawhi brings the ball up and wisely passes the ball to Danny who is stride rhythm. He catches the ball and lets it fly from one of his favorite spots on the floor. For the night Danny was four of nine from behind the three point line.

In conclusion, here is a blast from the past and what could be a helper going forward. When the Spurs first began and for fifteen years following, the voice of the Spurs was Terry Stembridge on WOAI 1200 Radio. Back then there was very little Spurs on TV so he was our main go to guy. So why bring him up at this time? Because he ended every broadcast with the same line that I can still hear in my head giving relief when needed. There will be another night...