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The NBA's first Coach of Whatever

Tim Duncan officially retired as an NBA player, but he's not done with the Spurs yet. More importantly -- the Spurs, and his fans, aren't done with him.

Step one: have an incredible 19-year NBA career. Step two: retire as quietly as possible. Step three: remain so important to the club that they create a previously unheard of position just to enable you to hang out with the team and do the mentor thing you do so well.

Step four: have an awesome T-shirt.


And step five could be: buy the T-shirt if you like it. It's another of my collaborations with BreakingT, who make a great product and ship orders quickly. After I did the shirt for Duncan's retirement, I thought it was likely the last time we'd be able to feature Big Fun on a shirt. Can't tell you how glad I am to be wrong about that. Having Tim around can't help but be a great thing for the Spurs, the young guys especially. And I can't wait to rock this shirt proudly.

The Coach of Whatever He Feels Like tee, like all of BreakingT's shirts, is durable, comfortable, and if you're in between sizes, you should go with the larger. As with all of the shirts we sell on PtR, some of the proceeds come to me, which continue to help me convince my lovely wife to let me spend time running this blog.