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Where Tony Parker belongs on the list of the NBA's best

Sports Illustrated had Tony in the middle of their top 100 list last year, but left him off this season's.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It's another installment of the Pounding the Rock roundtable, In The Bonus. Where your intrepid staff take on a pressing Spurs question of the day and tear it down from every angle imaginable. Or five angles -- whichever comes first.

Last weekSports Illustrated placed five San Antonio players on their Top 100 list. No team had more, and only the Celtics had as many. But how can that be enough when one of the starters was left off the list? Tony Parker's 2015-16 wasn't his best, but was it bad enough to say there are 100 players in the league who are better than him? (Whatever measure people prefer to use to define the superiority of professional basketball players who play different positions on different teams in different conferences using different systems...)

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