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Danny Green is the second Spur to make SI Top 100 Rankings

Sports Illustrated decides Danny Green is still among the league's best.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

After Manu Ginobili cracked Sport's Illustrated's Top 100 Rankings, Danny Green becomes the second Spur on the list.

Green was ranked No. 50 in last year's rankings, in which he was described as "elite" in both three-point shooting and defense. While there's no reason to believe that Danny can't still be elite in these areas, his three point shooting, and overall offensive game, took a drop last season.

For this upcoming season, SI ranks Green at 69, only 19 spots  lower than a year ago. Ben Golliver of SI discusses Danny's drop off:

"For four straight seasons, Danny Green was one of the NBA's most reliable and cold-blooded three-point shooting specialists. And then it all came crashing down last year, as the Spurs' not-so-sharpshooter hit just 33.2% of his threes, more than 7% below his career average and nearly nine points below his 2014-15 work.... Green remains one of the NBA's top perimeter guards, and his ability to defend either guard position is especially valuable and transfer ramble to various team contexts"

Dropping nine percentage points in an area that is considered a "speciality" is never good, but that's how good Danny's defense is. Let's hope that Green can once again find his shot this season and get back to his old self.