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Manu Ginobili shows he still has some magic left in the Olympics

Against Nigeria, Manu makes an incredible play to help his team to a 28 point win.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen a long series of amazingly acrobatic plays from Manu Ginobili over the years, and he uncorked another one against Nigeria in Argentina's first game of the Olympics. Check it out, and try to remember that the man is 39 years old.

Argentina beat Nigeria in every way imaginable, but it was the long ball that really made this game a laugher, The men in blue hit 15 of their 34 three-point attempts, and that would have been enough for the win, even if they hadn't dominated in steals, offensive rebounds, turnovers, etc.

There were a couple more nice plays that I'll share with you, one from new signee Patricio Garino, and that'll be all for this one.

Garino had a really nice game, extending lots of effort on defense and filling in on offense as needed.

Here's a gorgeous play that Argentina just couldn't finish off, but they got two free throws out of it all the same.

More excellent team ball that ends with Luis Scola laying it in, uncontested.

Finally, a super slow-motion look at Manu on a three ball. Enjoy.