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Kawhi Leonard among the elite in leaked NBA 2K17 player ratings

The Spurs forward's video-game rating reflects his ascendancy to superstardom.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Player ratings for the next installment in the highly popular NBA 2K franchise have been trickling out for a few days, but it's mostly role players and rising stars that have had their figures teased out until now.

Things are a bit more exciting now that ratings for a number of the league's best have been leaked, and that's a list that now most definitely includes the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard. Tied with former teammates Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and 3 behind LeBron James, Kawhi's 93 rating has the small forward in esteemed company.

Leonard was an 87 last year and an 85 and 82 in the seasons previous, respectively. This year will actually be the first that he's rated even the top player on his own team (LaMarcus was an 88 in NBA 2K16).

Here's a look at all the 90-and-up players which, more than anything, shows that anyone who plays as the Warriors in 2K17 is no better than people who chose Oddjob when playing Goldeneye.

LeBron James - 96

Stephen Curry - 94

Kevin Durant - 93

Russell Westbrook - 93

Leonard - 93

Anthony Davis - 90

Klay Thompson - 90

Draymond Green - 90

James Harden - 90

As for the other Spurs, here's a rundown of the ratings that have been teased so far:

Leonard - 93

LaMarcus Aldridge - 88

Pau Gasol - 84

Tony Parker - 80

Dewayne Dedmon - 74

Dejounte Murray - 70

A 70 rating may not be where the Spurs' first-round pick would like to see himself, but it is 69 better than what his fellow draftee Ben Simmons gave him, and that's pretty nice.