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Watch Kyle Anderson hit the game-winner in a New York summer league

There's no word on if he called 'bank' or 'game'.

A few of the younger Spurs are staying fresh over the offseason by playing in local summer leagues. Rookie and Seattle native Dejounte Murray has been active in the Seattle Pro Am, and now we've got some highlights of Kyle Anderson playing at New York's famous Dyckman Park. KA was born in New York, but played his high school ball in New Jersey.

With time winding down and Anderson's Skull Gang squad tied at 81 with Ave Life, the forward caught the ball, turned and hit the game-winning three-pointer, to the delight of the crowd.

Anderson also threw down this fast-break dunk earlier in the game.

Dyckman Park's seen a number of NBA players take the court over the years, including recent summer showings from guys like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and DeMar DeRozan. The field's not quite as illustrious this year, but it's still cool to see Slow Mo getting some good reps as he prepares for what might be a larger role for the Spurs next season.

Thanks to the folks at Overtime for sharing these clips with us.