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More great Ginobili talk: Brett Brown discusses Manu on the Lowe Post

Zach Lowe wasn't done talking about Ginobili after his incredible article for ESPN last week so he brought in Brett Brown for a great chat about the unique Argentine.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

76ers head coach and former Spurs assistant Brett Brown hopped on Zach Lowe's podcast to talk Manu Ginobili, the subject of this must-read piece Lowe penned a few weeks ago.

Brown, a well-traveled basketball lifer, reflects on everything from Argentina's 'Golden Generation' and Manu's place as a national legend to his early days in San Antonio, as the team realized they'd "tripped over" something special with their 57th overall selection. He also includes some interesting details about Manu's early, physical battles with Bruce Bowen, which drew out the competitive nature of both players.

The coach's favorite Manu story is still the one in which the Spurs guard famously swatted a bat out of the air as it threatened to delay play during a home game versus the Kings. He recounts the event, which transitions into praise for Ginobili's innate anticipation instincts and his ability as an inbounds defender.

You can listen to the entire terrific conversation by clicking here.