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Rio 2016: Australia annihilates Lithuania to earn Olympic semifinal berth

The Boomers surged past the overmatched Lithuanians, keeping their medal aspirations alive and well.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you've heard this one before during these Olympics: Patty Mills shoots the lights out for Australia. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. The Spurs' Tasmanian Devil of a point guard sniped his opponent to death once again while enjoying major contributions from his teammates as Australia blew Lithuania out of the building (and the Olympics) by a final score of 90-64. The aforementioned Sir Patrick Thrillingston led the way with 24 points followed by 16 points from ex-Spur Aron Baynes and 15 from Matthew Dellavedova.

Australia left little doubt as to who the superior team was by racing out to a 48-30 halftime lead they never looked back from. Patty Mills dropped 16 points at the break, continuing the insanely hot scoring streak that he's been on since landing in Rio. It's been said countless times already but it must be said again: let's hope this carries over into next season. Mills hasn't quite regained his stellar 2014 form since injuring his shoulder two years ago so if he's ever going to replicate his play from that year, now would be the time.

Though the Boomers' next match against the winner of tonight's Croatia-Serbia contest will be no cakewalk, it's not far-fetched to think this team can channel their inner 2004 Argentina and cap off this exciting Olympic run with a gold medal. Spain and the USA would be their potential opponents in a gold-medal game, and both have looked positively human these Olympics with the Spaniards dropping their first two games and the Americans squeaking out a 10-point victory over Australia just last week. If Patty Mills and Co. can continue firing on all cylinders, there's every reason to believe they could be the last team standing.