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ESPN ranks Pau Gasol as 7th best international NBA player

The Worldwide Leader put out a list projecting the 20 best international players in the league and one Spur made the cut, Spaniard Pau Gasol.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

In ESPN's latest list, Bradford Doolittle ranks the NBA's international players based on projected 2016-17 WARP (that's Wins Above Replacement Player) from Kevin Pelton's SCHOENE projections system.

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Here's the Pau Gasol blurb (RPM refers to ESPN's Real Plus/Minus system):

Gasol is another player whose RPM (ranked No. 23 overall) indicates less impact than his box score stats would otherwise show.

Now that he's in San Antonio, we will find out if Gregg Popovich can coax a better defensive performance out of a center that ranks fifth in career WARP among international guys, behind only Dirk Nowitzki among active players.

Fan favorites Manu Ginobili and Patty Mills missed the cut at 28 and 29, respectively, while Tony Parker was completely snubbed with a ranking of 81st.

The complete 20-player list:

1. Rudy Gobert
2. Nikola Jokic
3. Kristaps Porzingis
4. Al Horford
5. Giannis Antetokounmpo
6. Jonas Valanciunas
7. Pau Gasol
8. Ricky Rubio
9. Nikola Vucevic
10. Nicolas Batum
11. Gorgui Dieng
12. Clint Capela
13. Marc Gasol
14. Enes Kantor
15. Nikola Mirotic
16. Dennis Schroder
17. Dirk Nowitzki
18. Jusuf Nurkic
19. Danilo Gallinari
20. Serge Ibaka