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Tim Duncan's 02-03 season ranks as the 10th best individual season of all time

Tim Duncan cracks the top 10 in Josh Eberley's #Hoop10 project which ranks the top 10 individual NBA seasons of all time.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

#Hoop10 is a summer project started by Josh Eberley of NBA's Hoop Mag that's dedicated to ranking the top 10 individual NBA seasons of all time. It's an extremely interesting project that features a number of talented and well respected basketball writers. The concept is simple: they rank their top seasons, and the results are tallied to produce a list of the top 10 individual seasons in NBA history.

Well, Tim Duncan's 2002-2003 MVP season proved dominant enough to earn the No. 10 spot in #Hoop10 list. Here's a little bit of what Eberley had to say in his write up, which can be found here:

"As good as his 81-game season was, Duncan was just getting started. He would build on those numbers, getting better with each round of the playoffs, setting 2002-03 apart from the two decades of straight excellence Duncan ushered into San Antonio. Duncan’s campaign only grows in its lore when you realize it was the 2003 San Antonio Spurs and not the oft mentioned 2004 Detroit Pistons that ended the Shaquille O’Neal-Kobe Bryant Laker dynasty"

Eberly goes extremely in depth not only into Duncan's 02-03 regular season in which he won his second straight MVP award, but also his dominant playoff run that lead the Spurs to their second championship and Timmy's second Finals MVP. It's a refreshing piece to read from anyone who is having withdrawals about never seeing Tim suit up for an NBA game ever again.

Keep up with Josh Eberley on Twitter (@JoshEberley) to see the rest of the #Hoop10 list, which is being released gradually over the next few weeks.