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Spurs Playbook: Spurs run wing Elevator Play to exploit 2-3 Zone in Vegas

Becky Hammon is already showing her stripes in Vegas Summer League

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Despite trailing 33-27 to the Warriors at the half, the Spurs have run some sharp offense. They just haven't made very many shots. With the Warriors trying a 2-3 zone, Becky Hammon countered with a wing elevator play. Take a look:

Notice how the Warriors are set up in a 2-3 zone: two defenders at the top of the key with three front-court players inside. The weaknesses of a 2-3 zone are the wings and the high post. The Spurs exploit the former. Forbes cuts from the opposite corner to the wing. It is the strong side forward's responsibility to come out to contest until the guard can get over.

Cody Lalanne and Quentin DeCosey open up the elevator for Forbes on the strong side wing. As soon as Forbes gets through, they step towards one another, and effectively close the elevator. The Warriors front court is completely walled off.

Keifer Sykes, the Warriors guard who is closest, gets over to Forbes but it's too late.

If the Spurs settle in and make shots, Hammon's play calling will lead to more Vegas wins.