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Boris Diaw expected to be traded to make room for Gasol's contract

With the signing of Pau Gasol to a 2 year, $30 million dollar contract, the Spurs will have to clear cap space, and it's being reported that Boris Diaw will be traded.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, this has been a crazy day.  After Durant signed with the Warriors, a lot of other pieces began to fall into place. The major impact to the Spurs was the acquisition of Pau Gasol for $30 million for 2 years.  In order to clear cap space, the Spurs are going to have to move players, and the current speculation is that Boris Diaw's contract will have to go in order to create space for Gasol's contract.

If that happens, the Spurs will be missing a player that has been a key contributor to the team since he came over in 2012 from the Charlotte Bobcats (as they were known at the time).  Boris has reportedly told the team that he has a list of five teams that he would like to be moved to, and the team is trying to make a deal with one of those teams. I'll provide more details as I learn them.