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Looks like the Spurs are Pau Gasol's first choice

Pau Gasol is waiting for Durant to decide where to go before he makes a commitment, leading to speculation that he might want to sign with the San Antonio Spurs.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Basketball writer Tom Petrini thinks that Pau Gasol is angling to sign with the Spurs if they can't bring Kevin Durant aboard.

Currently, Petrini has the Spurs ranked 4th in likelihood to win the Durant sweepstakes at 10%.  He's ranking the Thunder 50%, Warriors 20%, and Celtics(!) 15% with better odds than the Spurs.  I'm not sure I agree with those rankings, but 10% seems about right for the Spurs.

It's all speculation for now, as nobody can sign a contract until July 7, but if Durant reveals his choice on July 4 as promised, it's going to cause a domino effect as all of the other pieces begin to fall into place.