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Manu Ginobili replaces Tim Duncan as the Spurs' goofiest dad

It's Manu now, and everyone else is a distant second.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

First, there was Tim Duncan and his much maligned dad wardrobe, then there were all of those stories The Onion did on Timmy. Then there was Tim being a dad to the rest of the Spurs, and finally him being a dad to his kids. Then Tim retired. Sadness abounded. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And then this happened.

Joy returned to Mudville San Antonio, and all it took was re-purposing a video that Manu Ginobili made for the birthday of his sons, Dante and Nicola -- and reposting it to wish him his own happy birthday.

So, feliz cumpleaños, Manu. Happy 39th, and thanks for being goofy. Turns out that we needed it.

h/t @infomanu