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Remembering Big Fun on Tim Duncan Day

It's a day that could only come after two decades of excellence and selflessness. A day its namesake would never have asked for, but one which was demanded by his achievements, and conduct on and off the court.

Today was named by the mayor of San Antonio as a day to honor the Big Fundamental: Tim Duncan Day. A day Ivy Taylor has set aside to remember the San Antonio Spurs' greatest player, and to wear Spurs gear. In honor of the day and the man, I want to recount one of my favorite Tim Duncan moments, and offer up some new gear as well.

I was at the AT&T Center for Game 5 of the NBA Finals when the Spurs avenged their lone Finals defeat and overcame the Miami Heat. It was a game jam-packed with cathartic moments -- Manu Ginobili's slam dunk on Ray Allen and Chris Bosh, Kawhi Leonard's cold-blooded fast break pull-up three-pointer, Patty Mills' long distance sniping, and Tony Parker's 2nd half onslaught.

But the one moment that stands out for me is Tim Duncan, standing on the podium surrounded by his teammates, and raising his arms to welcome everyone present -- no, to welcome all Spurs fans -- to join him in celebrating the championship.

Tim wasn't a player who drew attention to himself, so when he stood there in front of the cameras and nearly twenty thousand people, at first it seemed odd for him to raise his arms like that. But as the confetti came down, and everyone next to him reveled in the moment, his posture wasn't one of a man who wanted people to look at him. It was a gesture of inclusion, drawing everyone into a open-armed hug in the same way he hugged teammates after a big play.

As he stood there, it dawned on me that he was sharing the moment, the victory, the redemption with the fans. It was a moment of glory for the team and himself, of course. But the way he responded to it was to enlarge the circle, to acknowledge that there was a city that was experiencing the moment as well. And this is how he did it.

So on this day, Tim Duncan Day, we are launching the G.O.A.T. shirt that commemorates that moment and everything it meant.The career, the championship, the redemption, overcoming adversity, and including everyone else to share in the achievement.


We've been working on this T-shirt since Tim announced his retirement, and we finalized the design almost within the hour of Mayor Taylor announcing Tim Duncan Day. So making it available for sale on this day seems perfect. To celebrate the career of the greatest player in franchise history. To offer another shirt to this community. To remember what Duncan means to this city and to us. All of it.

So please use the comment section to add your own Tim Duncan moments that stand out to you. Wear your Spurs gear today with pride. And if you want, add this super-soft shirt to your collection. Like all of BreakingT's shirts, it's durable, comfortable, and if you're in between sizes, you should go with the larger.

As with all of the shirts we sell on PtR, some of the proceeds come to me, which helps me continue to convince my lovely wife that this blog is worth all the time I spend on it.

Finally, enjoy this day. It was made possible by the man who played for his coach, his team, and his community. And share the Timmy moments that are special to you.