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Gregg Popovich doesn't care about "super teams"

While in Las Vegas to work with the USA Basketball team, Pop was given the opportunity to answer a hot take question.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The US Men's Basketball team is currently in Las Vegas to prepare for the Olympics in Brazil. Gregg Popovich is there as an assistant coach as was asked for his thoughts about the current label of the moment, "super team." It's apparently all the rage now to want to play on a team with a lot of superstars, and when Pop was questioned about whether he minded that the Spurs Big Three's teams were never given the designation, he simply replied, "Naaah. I just count the championships." Which, of course, we've literally seen him do.

The bigger question is whether you can build a team that plays together, no matter how many superstars on on the roster. And as the summer goes on, we'll be digging into San Antonio's roster, and all the permutations, to see what we can expect to see when training camp is over, and preseason games begin.

EDIT: Also, there's this bit of awesomeness.