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Tim Duncan's last basket, and his final trip off the court

Since he didn't announce that it was his last season, we can only view Tim Duncan's last moments in hindsight.

For me, one of the worst parts about Tim Duncan retiring, is that we didn't know we were watching the last of it when it happened. Which means that in order to get the closure I need, I have to go back to May 12th, for Game 6 of the San Antonio Spurs' second round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder -- in OKC, no less -- in order to see him make his final basket and walk off the floor for the last time.

So here you go.

And here's his last box score for good measure.


Maybe it's hyperbole, but right now I feel like the game will never see another player like Tim Duncan. A man so selfless, such a good teammate, who put the needs of his team and his community ahead of himself time and again. Goodbye, Tim. Thanks for everything.