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How the Young Spurs Played: Game 1 of Vegas Summer League

A game was played yesterday. How did Murray & company do?

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs slogged their way to a 63-61 victory over the Warriors in Game 1 of Vegas Summer LeagueBecky Hammon starred with impressive play calling. Other than the game winner, the third quarter was the lone bright spot. The Spurs took a 33-27 halftime deficit and tied things at 52 heading into the fourth. Before the Spurs face off with Portland tonight, lets review how individual guys performed:


Jonathon Simmons: Simmons was the lone negative (-2) out of the starters. He made up for it by hitting the game winner. Simmons was quiet and took only 7 shots. He appeared to be content to let Kyle Anderson do his thing.

Kyle Anderson: Anderson had just 14 points on an inefficient 6 for 15 from the floor. He pressed early and often forcing contested two's on well-defended plays. He did provide a constant for the Spurs however, finishing +10 and grabbing 8 rebounds. It was a disappointing effort but the Spurs lose this game without his stabilizing presence.

Cody Lalanne: Lalanne had a solid game grabbing 9 rebounds and contributing 6 points. He picks his spots nicely and doesn't jam the floor from a spacing perspective.

Bryn Forbes: Forbes was off shooting 1 for 7 from the floor. Other than his elevator three he didn't do much. The benefit with a shooter like Forbes is that even when he's off he demands attention from the defense. That's one less help defender opponents can utilize. It's why the Spurs are a different team when Danny Green is shooting the ball consistently.

Dejounte Murray: The Good: Murray grabbed 8 rebounds, played with a lot of energy, and was assertive. He's definitely playing like a guy who wants to win and get better. The Bad: Murray was 3 for 11 from the field with just 8 points in 22 minutes. He had 5 turnovers to just 1 assist. His decision-making is suspect and he attacks to score without much awareness of where other guys are in space. We'll see what adjustments Hammon and her staff make tonight to put him in positions to be successful and get others involved.

The Bench:

Ryan Arcidiacono: Arch had a nice 4-point play and contributed 6 points in 14 minutes. He's a calming presence and makes the right pass every time. He seems to be one of four players fighting for a chance to go to camp and make the team (Arch, Lalanne, Stokes, Forbes).

Jarnell Stokes: Stokes was the best player on the floor for the Spurs. He had 10 points and 9 rebounds in 17 minutes. His +11 was the highest for the team. He fouled 4 times and has limited mobility on defense, but was impactful and made the most of his minutes.

Other players getting minutes: Cummings (17), Washburn (10), Ndoye (6), Williams (12).