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Click Hole has the perfect collection of top-5 "basketball tips" from Gregg Popovich

If you don't know already, Popovich did not actually say any of this. But it's funny, regardless.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Click Hole is kinda low-key one of the funniest website on ye olde interwebs.

Recently, they released a new article chronicling Gregg Popovich's top 5 pieces of basketball advice for young players, named, aptly: "Lessons From A Master: Check Out Gregg Popovich's 5 Basketball Tips For Young Players"

Check out the whole article, but here's the tip that I found most amusing:

1. Smart Defense Is Good Defense: "Reach out and ask your man how to guard him. I know the older players seem intimidating, but I guarantee you they'll be grateful for the chance to talk about their strengths, their weaknesses, and how you can exploit them on the court. Send him a quick email before the game, and keep asking questions on the court—things like, ‘Are you about to shoot it?,' ‘Can I steal the ball now?,' and, of course, the most flattering question in the English language, ‘How do you do basketball?' It's the only way you'll learn."

Also, tip #4 ("Don't over think it") is pretty fantastic.

Check out the whole list here, via