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Spurs expected to re-sign Boban Marjanovic, according to reports

It appears as though the Bobinator will not be taking his talents outside San Antonio any time soon.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs have quite a bit of roster re-tooling to do next month once free agency begins, but there's one player whose future with the team won't be a question mark on July 1 according to international reporter David Pick, who broke the news last summer that the Spurs were signing Boban:

Spurs faithful should be overjoyed by this news, and not simply because of the Serbian Giant's status as a fan favorite/urban legend. Boban Marjanovic averaged 5.5 points and 3.6 rebounds his rookie season, but his numbers per 36 minutes were an eye-popping 21 points, 13.7 boards and 1.6 blocks. Though these numbers are skewed due to garbage time, Boban proved to the NBA world this year that he is more than just a tall guy at the end of the bench. He is a highly skilled basketball player and adjusted extremely well to not only the blistering speed of the NBA but also to a championship caliber team in the middle of a seismic transition period.

Bobi passed his first season with flying colors by all accounts, and his great potential will surely be maximized by the Spurs' brilliant coaching staff. Also, the Spurs have a glaring need for size that was exposed against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and a heavier dose of Boban next season might be just what the doctor (and the fans) ordered. Welcome back, Boban! Don't ever leave us, please.