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San Antonio Spurs' players pay homage to the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali

The Spurs showed their deep appreciation for the GOAT after he passed.

The Courier-Journal-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, Muhammad Ali passed away, surrounded by friends and family. Rightfully considered the greatest athlete of all time -- both for his actions in the ring and in the real world -- Ali was a giant of the twentieth century.

Yesterday, many of the San Antonio Spurs' players took to twitter to express their love and admiration for the GOAT.

Tony Parker chimed in:

As well as Jonathon Simmons:

Boris Diaw posted a few different things, expressing his gratitude for Ali:

Check out this amazing photo of a young Diaw with the Champ!

Your legacy will live on! RIP

A photo posted by Borisdiaw (@diawboris) on

RIP Muhammad Ali, your spirit will live on. You changed the world forever.