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Spurs will reportedly not waive Boris Diaw

The Spurs' versatile big man will not be waived at the June 30 deadline.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Just two days before the Spurs' scheduled meeting with Kevin Durant, San Antonio is still shy of the roughly $26 million in cap space needed to offer Durant a max contract. There was much speculation that the Spurs would attempt to shed cap room by waiving Boris Diaw, but that no longer seems to be the case. The Silver and Black had until today to waive his non-guaranteed contract, but Jabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News is reporting that Diaw will remain a Spur.

Boris was thought to be a key component towards the once-inevitable Spurs vs. Warriors matchup in the Western Conference Finals, but this never came into fruition as Diaw and the slower, ground-bound frontcourt of the Spurs were dominated on the glass by the younger, more athletic big men of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Diaw may be The Most Interesting Man in the World and beloved in San Antonio thanks to his invaluable contribution to the Spurs on their 2014 championship run, but his ineffectiveness against the Thunder this postseason left many clamoring for his exit, particularly if it meant freeing up $7 million to make a run at Kevin Durant, Mike Conley, Pau Gasol, among others. A trade could still be forthcoming if a commitment from a big free agent necessitates such a move, but for the time being we can count on San Antonio's 2nd most adored Frenchmen staying put.