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Spurs interest in Mike Conley overblown

The Spurs already have a veteran point guard on the roster.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It was always a little tough to believe that the Spurs were targeting Mike Conley this offseason with Tony Parker's contract on the books for $30 million over the next two seasons and according to Marc Stein that story was blown out of proportion.

After 15 years with the team the Spurs are almost certainly not going to trade Tony Parker, who has played the second most games and minutes in franchise history while collecting four rings on his way to an induction into the Hall of Fame one day. And Tony did that while always taking quite a bit less money than he could have commanded on the open market. For the Spurs to trade him now would be more than an insult as Tony's relationship with the Spurs is far beyond a professional one.

And with a trade of Parker off the table it didn't make sense that the Spurs would pay $40+ million for two similar, past-their-prime point guards. Sure, Tony is considerably further past his best days than Conley, but Conley will be 29 at the start of the 2016-17 season and has declined each of the last two seasons in scoring and shot a career-low 42% from the field last season before a bout of Achilles tendinitis ended his season 20 games early.

The Spurs have more pressing concerns than a point guard upgrade, as Jesus Gomez pointed out a couple of weeks ago. The next week should be exciting as we see what San Antonio does as free agency begins in less than 36 hours, just don't expect the Spurs to bring in a veteran point guard.