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Tony Parker's French basketball club wins league championship

The Wee Frenchman once again finds himself celebrating a championship in June.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

How does Tony Parker beat the offseason blues? By winning a championship, of course! Parker's French A Pro League club ASVEL Basket, of whom Parker is the majority owner and president, captured the Pro A championship by beating French club Strasbourg in a five-game series. This was ASVEL's 18th French league championship, and their first since the 2008-2009 season.

While this is not the title Spurs fans hoped their point guard would be celebrating this time of year, one can't help but beam at Tony Parker's front office success. He was much maligned in some fan circles for his play this season, particularly in the playoffs, but after all he's given the Spurs franchise and fan base, he deserves to revel in this moment during what will be an eventful offseason for the Silver and Black. Congratulations, President Parker!