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Spurs News: Retro Tony Parker sighting, and San Antonio's fluid big man rotation

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Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Vintage Tony Parker performance lifts Spurs -

Just when you started sleeping on TP, he comes out and performs like it is 2007 all over again. On a Spurs team like this, Tony does not have to carry much of the offensive load. On games like last nights he proved just how valuable he can still be.

Spurs’ big-men trio complimenting stars in series against Thunder -

An excellent article on the roation of Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, and David West -- who are the three-headed monster that Pop engages when he feels necessary.

Kawhi Leonard is the epitome of a silent assassin -

To quote the song "Assassin" by John Mayer, "I work in the dead of night, when the roads are quiet no one is around, to track my moves."

Four Thunder players pointed at Tony Parker instead of defending him -

"You get him! No, you get him! Hey, I thought you had him! Fine I'll get him!"

Unleash The Boban -

You have to admit, for being 7'3, Boban is unlike anything we have ever seen before. Not only that, but he is a matchup nightmare for any opposing big man in the league. Reference the picture with Tyler Hansbrough looking terrified when Boban walks onto the court.