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Spurs News: Experts are saying Durant to the Spurs is a strong possibility

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Spurs want in on Durant hunt, too -

Per Marc Stein, the bottom line is if Durant is available you take him. Worry about fitting him into the system later. The possibility of having Aldridge, Leonard, and Durant in the front court is too good to pass up.

What to watch for in Spurs-Thunder, Game 3

The inimitable Zach Lowe breaks down Game 2 and points out likely moves we will see in Game 3.

The Thunder is totally fine with LaMarcus Aldridge looking unstoppable -

I have a feeling a lot more Spurs are going to look unstoppable in tonights game.

Even with his recent struggles, Tim Duncan still making playoff history into his 40s -

There is not much left to say about the legendary Tim Duncan. Only question is, where is his statue going?

Tony Parker had a blunt quote about his role on the Spurs, and it encapsulated the team's continued evolution -

Tell it like it is Tony!

Gregg Popovich Sometimes Gives Boris Diaw Extra Minutes so He Can Lose Weight -

Boris Diaw is an anomaly to me. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Diaw, but how is an NBA player able to be overweight while going through all that cardio?