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Spurs work out Kentucky's Isaiah Briscoe with an eye towards the NBA draft

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Could the Spurs take the Kentucky player with the 29th pick?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Isaiah Briscoe, the Kentucky Wildcat's dynamic freshman guard, has declared for the NBA draft. While many people expect him to ultimately return to Kentucky for his sophmore season (he was not invited to the NBA draft combine), he is testing the waters to receive input from high level scouts and GM's.

Recently, Jasom Marcum from SB Nation's Kentucky blog A Sea of Blue, dove deep into Brisoe's journey, noting that he recently worked out for the Spurs.

From the article:

As we said earlier, all it may take for Briscoe to leave is for one team in the late first/early second round to tell Briscoe they'll strongly consider him. The Spurs are once again drafting late in Round 1 (29th overall).

The Clippers have a late first-round pick (25th) and early second-round pick (33rd). The Lakers have an early second-round pick (32nd), so it makes sense that these are the teams Briscoe is working out for.

Still, I can't see them or any other NBA team willing spend an early pick on Briscoe unless they plan on stashing him overseas for a few years. Then he may actually be a good pick there since he definitely has more upside than most guys getting drafted in the 20-40 range.

Could Briscoe be the Spurs' next great steal? He was, in fact, the nation's highest ranked point guad coming out of high school only a year ago.

Time will tell.