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Spurs News: Will Kawhi Leonard make the All-NBA first team?

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Seven of 8 writers place Kawhi Leonard on All-NBA first team -

Small forward is the position most stacked with elite talent (Leonard,James,Durant, Anthony, etc.) in the NBA. Leonard ending up on the All-NBA First Team is a monumental deal, if it comes to fruition. It says, at 24 years old, Leonard sits atop the most competitive throne in the league.

How Spurs' LaMarcus Aldridge has put up historic numbers vs. Thunder -

His face-up game is strong. His back to the basket game is strong. Even his three-point shot has been consistently good. HIs name is Lamarcus Aldridge, and without him, the last game would not have been anywhere as close as it was.

The Game 2 Adjustments And The Pandemonium -

PtR alumn Matthew Tynan looked at G2 and saw: pandemonium, I love that word. It speaks to what Spurs' fans are feeling.

Spurs realizing vision with LaMarcus Aldridge against Thunder -

R.C. Buford looked into his crystal ball in the summer, and saw an NBA title at the end of the season. Let us hope his crystal ball was right.

Why NBA Players Lie About Their Height -

Patty Mills is listed as six feet tall on -- I will leave it at that.