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Dion Waiters serves up tasty bulletin board material for the Spurs

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You can't win a war of words with a team that refuses to fight, but you sure can lose one.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs don't engage in a war of words with their opponents. Whenever they're asked to comment on their opponents, they consistently reply in the most complimentary (some would say boring) way possible. It doesn't make for the most interesting pre-game buildup, but it's what they do.

After a series in which the Oklahoma City Thunder verbally sparred with the opposing team's owner (the loquacious if not belligerent Mark Cuban) it appears that Dion Waiters hasn't quite transitioned into the "play it, don't say it" default mode of the Spurs. When speaking to the media today, per ESPN's Royce Young, Waiters said:

One man can't beat you. So we're fine with that. If they want to continue to get out of their offense and throw the ball down there to him, we're fine with that. One guy can't beat us, no matter how much he scores.

This isn't a negative comment on LaMarcus Aldridge and whether he can continue to play at the incredible level he's attained in the first two games against the Thunder. It's directed toward coach Gregg Popovich, and all of the Spurs players who don't wear #12.

There no way of knowing whether the Pop will use the quote to motivate his team -- he'd certainly say that his team doesn't need such motivation. What's certain is that the Spurs won't respond in kind, and if there's any way to turn the situation to their psychological advantage on or off the court, PATFO will use it.