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GIF Breakdown: San Antonio Spurs vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Game 2

LaMarcus Aldridge had his second jaw-dropping game in a row, here's a review of some of his buckets.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

LaMarcus Aldridge hit 15 of his 21 field goal attempts in the Spurs' loss to the Thunder in game 2, finding success from all over the floor and against whoever was tasked with guarding him.

San Antonio got its first points on a one-dribble Aldridge jumper over Serge Ibaka.

Aldridge has had his way with Ibaka in the first two games of the series, abusing the smaller defender and getting pretty much whatever he wants on the floor.

Wide-open 15-footer for Aldridge? That's automatic.

Steven Adams didn't fare any better dancing with LA.

A change of location to the left block didn't help the Kiwi.

I promise this is a different play.

I almost feel bad for Ibaka, but really, not at all.

One possession later, LA again backs down Ibaka and gets a lefty to drop.

Enes Kantor is a little late meeting LaMarcus as Aldridge trailed the play which gives the big man an easy path to the rack as he blows by Kantor for an easy layup.

LaMarcus almost single-handedly pulled off quite the heist in stealing the game for the Spurs down the stretch, here pickup up a timely and-one against, you guess it, Serge.

Keeping the good guys in it.

Okay let's be real, Tony Parker's pass on this play is phenomenal, like completely ridiculous, I-can't-believe-that-happened level of sorcery. And then LA hit his second three of the season. Like a boss. Then the craziness to end the game...The good news is that nothing LA is doing is out of the ordinary and he'll demand a double team and plenty of attention from the Thunder going forward in the series.

That's it for this one, we'll be back after Game Three.