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The conversation a Spurs fan has with himself

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Ego tripping at the gates of the Spurs' fateful offseason.

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The weeks following a playoff loss should be when that ethereal binding force among fans temporarily scatters. Released from its mortal coil, we return to exist more fully among our friends, jobs and whatever a third example of a normal life may be -- I want to say, brunch?

But what if it doesn't happen? What if someone turns on their Bing alerts for ‘Tim Duncan retires', seeks out the subtext in Manu Ginobili's La Nacion articles, and dwells on whether Davis Bertans can be a legit stretch four in the NBA? What if every day still feels like gameday, bala?

This began as a chat with our fearless leader J.R. Wilco about trying to capture the zeitgeist of Spurs Nation. It transitioned into a conversation I had with myself after I realized I was still watching the playoffs through black-and-silver-tinted glasses, caring too much about how the Spurs would fare against Golden State had a few things gone right for them against the Thunder and what each win or loss meant for PATFO's (rumored) potential courting of Kevin Durant.

This isn't the first time we as fans have been left wondering what's next, but for whatever reason this stretch has felt more like the inside of an ellipsis than ever before.

My self-contained back-and-forth went something like the following (parts have been edited for vulgarity and gratuitous politicizing, and Game of Thrones spoilers):

*   *   *

BP: This summer we've got as many questions as certainties about what direction the Spurs will head in. There's Tim and Manu's decisions, obviously, the pending contract situations of David West, Jonathon Simmons and Boban Marjanovic, as well as the murmurs surrounding Boris Diaw's fit and future with the team. And all these possibilities are crammed within a window that's pretty much impossible to fit a max free agent through.

BP: It's annoying, isn't it?

BP: Let's try a mental exercise.

BP: Shoot.

BP: Exterior -- Somewhere in the Texas hill country.

You see a sunset, an array of fiesta colors splashed across the Texan sky. A pair of riders comes into view. Their shoulders hang low, their grips barely clutching the reins on their weary steeds.

BP: I see where you're going with this.

BP: The riders are wearing boots, and on those boots---

BP: Spurs?

BP: Oh. Sure. Let's go with that.


BP: Are the riders coming towards you for one last tour or do their paths lead them, like Gandalf and Bilbo and Frodo, Into the West?

BP: Um.

BP: ---a final curtain of grey draping over the sky's fading tapestry of pink, orange and teal.

BP: This is too much. I'm just now getting over XXXXXXX from Episode X, dude. What's your point?

BP: I don't always have one -- haven't you read my writing?

BP: Well, maybe it doesn't really matter what happens.

BP: What -- of course it matters!

BP: It's possible very little actually changes with the roster, and that's OK, competitively speaking. Sentimentally speaking, it's great! Plus, it'll be Year 2 LaMarcus and Kawhi with an updated operating system.

Duncan and/or Manu may also call it a career, and it would be a tough pill to swallow. But we may also get a better look at what the new system may look like. Plus, PATFO have a couple more likely jumps in the salary cap to make the most of, even if that third big piece doesn't present itself this summer.

BP: Your inability to address the issues head-on will forever be your downfall. No wonder you're voting for XXXXXXXX.

(Clears throat)

A third rider makes his way towards you, the rattle of his shiny new spurs willing his horse's mirthful gait.

BP: Ooo, who is it?

BP: You tell me. But bear in mind he's humming a vaguely familiar tune in C-minor. Also note that whatever you say will be wrong.

BP: Thon Maker? Jared Dudley? I'm struggling to see through all the clutter.

BP: Maybe you shouldn't read my stuff.

BP: Hey--

BP: Am I not helping? I feel like I'm helping.

BP: Hey---

BP: Ok then, let's talk Boban. Surely, some team will offer him more than---

BP: Hey, did you see NASA found 1,200 inhabitable planets just two weeks ago?

BP: XXXX off -- 1,200?

*   *   *

If there's one silver lining here, it's that there's still some pretty good playoff basketball to watch. If there are two, it's that there's lots of other good stuff to watch, too. Have you even seen Game of Thrones?