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Spurs News: Chaotic ending to Game 2 leads to blown call by officials

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Dion Waiters elbows Manu Ginobili from out of bounds, gets away with it -

"I don't know what violation it is - gotta be something. But it's not the play that decided anything because we got the steal, we got the shot. And it doesn't matter, it's over. I'm not going to be able to change it. It's 1-1," said Ginobili after the game.

Gregg Popovich keeps quiet about controversial no-call on Dion Waiters -

Please refer to the aforementioned quote by Ginobili.

WATCH: Tony Parker Dishes Superb Pass to LaMarcus Aldridge -

Despite Parker's lack of offensive fire power in the first two games, his assist totals have been spectacular. Don't believe me? Watch this clip and see how he found an open Lamarcus Aldridge, in the middle of an Oklahoma City traffic jam.

Tim Duncan may be bland, but the Spurs forward should still have career celebrated -

I do not agree with Stefan Bondy's comments about the Spurs being boring, and their 2005 and 2007 championships being a 'snoozefest'. Though I will agree on his comments about Tim Duncan needing a celebration for his own prolific career. For the record, the 2005 NBA Finals was my favorite series of all-time.

Assistant happy to remain with Spurs after losing out on Lakers job -

The Spurs family is happy to see Messina stay in San Antonio.