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Spurs News: The Admiral thinks Tim Duncan can still play

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan can play a couple more years

David Robinson went out on top, so why not Duncan? Of course, Robinson has said that going out on a championship is overrated so there is that. Chip or not, one more time, Timmy! In an interview, Robinson said that Duncan still has game left, listen to it at the bottom of the link.

Brice Johnson, possible Spurs draftee

Fox San Antonio takes a quick look at the 6' 11" power forward from North Carolina.

Should the Spurs go after Bismack Biyombo

Probably not and you can see why here.

Mark Jackson says Richard Jefferson cost the Warriors the 2013 series with the Spurs

This is my favorite thing I've heard in days. I mean, really?! How petty do you have to be to go on national TV and blame a role player three years later for a series loss? Mark Jackson is truly special.