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Kawhi Leonard is expecting the birth of his first child

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Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have welcomed new bundles of joy to their families in recent years, and now the Klaw will know the joys of fatherhood.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Kawhi Leonard's 2015-2016 season may have ended sooner than he'd hoped, but now a new and more exciting chapter in his life is about to begin.

Coach Pop loves reminding the media, his players, and the fans that despite the emphasis and import placed on winning and losing, there are more important things in life than basketball. Kawhi has accomplished a great deal in his 24 years: winning a championship, being named Finals MVP, earning two Defensive Player of the Year awards, an All-Star appearance, and could soon garner an All-NBA First Team and a chance to represent his country in the Rio 2016 Olympics. But all these accolades pale in comparison to him gaining the most special title a man can earn: father. Congratulations to Kawhi on his baby girl! We anxiously await the revelation of the baby's hand size to see if the Klaw doesn't fall far from the Klaw Tree.