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Spurs News: Tony Parker named Tim Duncan's top teammate

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

A look at Tony Parker's 2015-16 campaign put together a picture review of Tony's 15th season.

Tim Duncan's top teammates ever

HoopsHype put out a top-ten list of Big Fun's teammates. They left off The Medium Fundamental, who's been Timmy's buddy for 10 years, but I guess you can still check out their rankings or whatever. They did include Malik Rose which was a nice touch. Leave your top-ten in the comments.

Early 1990s Spurs playoff disappointments

A 20-year run can make a run of disappointing playoff exits seem like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it was a lifetime ago for you. Here's a great look at the franchise's struggles before they became the model organization that they are today.

Rumors: Thomas Robinson to San Antonio

The Spurs are probably looking to get younger and more athletic in the offseason. LaMarcus Aldridge's former teammate would be an interesting addition for the Spurs. Apparently Spurs G.M., R.C Buford, has ties to the University of Kansas and has been a fan of Robinson for years.