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Spurs News Tim Duncan is the NBA's ultimate franchise player

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Duncan is a true champion and NBA's ultimate franchise player for his Spurs-first approach -

Excellent article written by Frank Isola, on the legend that is Tim Duncan.

Draymond Green Learned as a Rookie That Trash-Talking Tim Duncan Does No Good -

Having a staring contest might have been better suited, Draymond.

Thunder coach Billy Donovan soaked up Gregg Popovich's advice -

Pop had to tell Donovan to call him Pop instead of "coach" at least 50 times. Much respect, from a coach who has his own impressive resume with his days in Florida.

Patty Mills introduces the ‘Mad Monday’ tradition to the Spurs and America -

I really hope this catches on. It is nice to see all the players having fun after such a disappointing loss.

Sources: David Fizdale, Ettore Messina to interview in Memphis -

There is a good chance, Messina could be staying in the southwest division.