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Spurs News: There may not be an answer for how completely San Antonio exposed the Thunder

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Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Thunder stars no remedy for Spurs’ relentless attack -

The Spurs stunned the Thunder early in the game, and Oklahoma City could not recover. Comparing both teams is an interesting task. Durant and Westbrook eat, sleep, and drink isolation basketball, while the Spurs are the complete opposite of hero ball. Key quote: "This isn't to say Oklahoma City can't play better. It simply may not matter that it does."

The Spurs showed everyone they have another gear -

Jesus Gomez runs down the dominating win as he does so well.

Spurs stars Leonard, Aldridge step into a new kind of spotlight -

Key quote: "Aldridge planted a flag on Saturday night as big as the one the Spurs' coyote waves at midcourt. Only this flag said "best big man in the playoffs" and a rain of Spurs fire followed behind it."

Return or retire — if Spurs’ Duncan is big -

You got one more season left in you Timmy, don't you?

Tony Parker says he wants to play 20 seasons for the Spurs -

TP is going to be the last of the "Big Three" to hang up his laces. He is going to be a part of future Spurs teams to come, without Timmy and Ginobili; a very sad thought for any Spurs' fan to think about.