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Spurs News: The odds say the Spurs will keep the Warriors from reaching 73 wins

We read all the Spurs news and articles out there and bring you the best of them in one place every day.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Spurs Are Still Big Favorites To Stop The Warriors From Getting 73 -

Michael Jordan and the rest of '96 Chicago Bulls team are guaranteed to be watching this game.

Greatest (Hypothetical) Series Ever -

If the Warriors and Spurs fight through the first two rounds of the playoffs, this question will be answered. How many more days until May again?

What about that other team going for an amazing NBA record? -

Yes, what about them?

The Spurs should employ a point-guard platoon during the playoffs -

Patty Mills has been outplaying TP in the past few months, but you can't discount all the years of playoff experience Tony has. With the way the Spurs system operates, there is usually 4-5 "point guards" on the floor at all times.

Gregg Popovich - Building A Dynasty In San Antonio -

This article is quite long, and it's from a British site I've never heard of. But it's a great compilation of some excellent quotes from around the league about Pop and the Spurs.