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The San Antonio Spurs are just as good as the Golden State Warriors (and maybe better)

As the third game between this year's superpowers approaches, J.R. Wilco hosts Andrew Flohr of Golden State of Mind to dig into the meaty faceoff between the Spurs and Warriors.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports
For a season when two teams separate themselves from the rest of the league, the games between those teams take on an otherworldly feel. Since the beginning of the season at the end of October, the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors have played twice. In the next four days, they will play twice more.

Which gives me all the excuse I need to do one of my favorite things: have another Fraternizing with the Enemy conversation with a blogger who covers the opposing team. In this case, it's Andrew Flohr of Golden State of Mind. We've already talked early in the season, just before the first game, and before the second. So it would have been a shame if we didn't chat leading up to tonight's matchup.

Andrew and I are in the middle of our talk, and this page will automatically update when each new section is finished, so check back here or follow on Twitter to know when the latest part of the conversation is ready to read.

As always, we're using ReplyAll to facilitate the conversation.

For anyone interested, ReplyAll is a fantastic and incredibly easy to use tool that enables conversations. Since I started doing the Fraternizing with the Enemy series of conversations back in 2010, it is the innovation that changed the process from the clunky mess it was, to the breeze it is today. Instead of cobbling together mounds of text from a dozen emails and wrestling with formatting, I can focus on the conversation and let a single line of HTML do the rest. Anyone who can benefit from such a tool should definitely check them out.