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Spurs News: Robert Horry prefers Kawhi to Curry for MVP, and David West will follow Duncan's example

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State loss Friday won't affect Spurs' approach -

Steve Kerr admitted that trying to break the Bulls' record is starting to affect his team. In a way, the Warriors being the top seed has been a good thing for the Spurs, and has taken all pressure off of them. So if I had any advice for Steve Kerr, it would be to keep going for 73 wins!

Tim Duncan removes Sean Elliott’s glasses during warm ups (Video) -

Duncan reminds me of that guy that tells you that you have a stain on your shirt, then flicks your nose when you look down to see if you do.

David West will follow Tim Duncan’s method before deciding on future -

It seems as though it was yesterday that David West announced he would be joining the Spurs. To paraphrase West -- it is crazy how time flies when you are winning and on top of the basketball world.

Robert Horry Likes Kawhi Leonard As MVP -

Once a Spur, always a Spur. We will see you at the family Fourth of July barbecue Big Shot Rob.

Kawhi Leonard flashes his playmaking skills with dazzling pass against Raptors -

It becomes contagious when the rest of your team is filled with playmakers, and high IQ passers. Leonard caught the fever, and the only prescription is more highlight reel assists.