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Spurs News: Spurs vs. Thunder is the must-see series of the second round

We read all the Spurs news and articles out there and bring you the best of them in one place every day.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

NBA playoffs preview: Spurs-Thunder will be nothing short of spectacular -

What to watch for and how San Antonio will likely take down OKC.

Spurs vs. Thunder Will Be As Fun And Unpredictable As Ever -

If sitting on the edge of your seat, and reminding yourself to breathe after every play is fun -- then yes, this series is going to be very fun.

Kevin Durant praises Kawhi Leonard, Spurs' system -

Does Durant care enough about what the Spurs (or Spurs fans) think about his past 'system player' comments that he's revisiting the subject with a different attitude? What does that say about Zach Lowe's rumblings.

NBA Lockdown: Gervin On "Iceman" Nickname, Keys For San Antonio Moving Forward -

The Iceman's charisma is just as smooth as his finger roll. He brings interesting insight on the game of basketball, and how far he thinks the Spurs will go this year.

Spurs’ Manu Ginobili Passes Magic Johnson For Most Playoff Games -

Watching Spurs' players climb all-time ranks, is one of my favorite pastimes.