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Spurs News: Kawhi vs. Durant, the best matchup of the second round

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Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant's counter emerges in Kawhi Leonard's blossoming game -

The basketball gods have blessed us with a showdown of epic proportion. Kawhi once said he would rather stop a superstar player from scoring, than scoring 50 points himself. The Spurs are going to need him to do both in this series against the Thunder.

The Western Conference is suddenly wide open -

Paul Flannery and Tom Ziller spend a good bit of their look at the 2nd round on OKC vs SA and KD vs The Klaw.

LaMarcus Aldridge will have hands full with Thunder's three-headed monster -

Lamarcus has washed away the doubts critics have had about his defensive ability coming into the season. Him and Timmy have stood tall all season in the post -- I do not see that changing now.

Spurs will test the Thunder in ways the Mavericks never could -

There is a history between the two teams, that factor is undeniable. Last time the Spurs beat the Thunder in the playoffs, Serge Ibaka was injured; San Antonio later went on to win the NBA Finals. To say Spurs Nation is excited for this series would be a huge understatement.

NBA injuries send Spurs on Vegas roller-coaster ride -

Vegas is like a girlfriend who is not sure if she likes you or not. One day you're hot, next day you're cold. Funny thing about the Spurs is, they don't care.