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Spurs News: Tim Duncan turns 40, and Pop's not "looking for jumpshot city"

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

By The Numbers: The Timeless Duncan -

Duncan joins Andre Miller as the second player on the Spurs to reach the age of 40. Happy Birthday to the greatest power forward of all time!

Gregg Popovich doesn't like when the Spurs go to 'Jump Shot City' -

There are many stretches throughout games, where the Spurs rely heavily on their jump shooting. It makes me happy to know we have a coach like Pop, who can man the ship when need be.

Spurs off to fastest start in NBA's modern playoff era -

We'd like the Mavericks to somehow take the Thunder to a game seven, so that the Spurs can rest as much possible. Dirk, turn back the clock to 2011, and put the Mavericks on your back.

Spurs Taking Plenty of Positives into 2nd Round Following Sweep of Grizzlies -

Momentum is key in the playoffs. San Antonio managed to gain momentum, and even more confidence with their domination over Memphis.

Frontcourt Report 3: Decisive Victory -

Word is, we have some guy named Duncan on the team, that has some experience in the playoffs. With some seasoning, he might have a chance to be a decent player one day.