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Spurs News: Popovoch wishes JaMychal Green was still a Spur

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs' Tony Parker expects Game 4 in Memphis to be 'the hardest' -

Pop explained how a team like Memphis, who has so many injured players, can have a mental advantage because they all rally around each other much more to prove they can still win. The last game was not an easy one for the Spurs, and this mornings should not be either.

Popovich: JaMychal Green would 'still be a Spur if we had the room' -

Danny Green is silently thinking to himself, "There is only room in this town for one of us."

Reserves continue to help Spurs in playoffs -

There is alway a method to Pop's madness. Those moments in the regular season where Pop sits the starters, and plays the reserves for long periods of time is paying off now.

Earl Watson used Spurs’ pitch in Suns’ pursuit of free agent LaMarcus Aldridge -

I was about to call over Robert Horry to body check someone again on the Sun's staff if this happened.

WATCH: Scottie Pippen Vs Kawhi Leonard Mixtape -

Both these players could do it all in the basketball court. Who knows if Leonard will end up with six rings, but he is well on his way.